UBS Global Equity Long Short Fund

Investment objective

The Fund uses bottom-up stock picking expertise to aim to deliver equity-like returns with less volatility than equity markets.

The Fund is managed using a distinctive ‘multi-sleeve’ approach, which aims to:

  • leverage our substantial resources: global sector analysts propose individual sleeves of best ideas in their specialist sectors to the portfolio manager
  • maximise uncorrelated sources of returns: a large and diverse set of bottom-up stock theses helps keep volatility, and correlation to overall equity markets, low
  • minimise drawdowns: an explicit risk policy is designed to diversify sources of risk as far as possible

Scott Wilkin is the lead portfolio manager who has overall responsibility for the fund. He validates all stock positions, as well as managing risk and the net and gross exposures. The net exposure will typically be 20 – 40% long, but will vary according to market conditions.

Investment team

Scott Wilkin

Portfolio manager
Biography (PDF, 65 KB)

Charles Burbeck

Portfolio manager
Biography (PDF, 68 KB)

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