China multi-asset investing

Analysis, interviews, explainers and FAQs on China multi-asset investing strategy

Chinese assets: diversification and return

This report provides five-year forecasts for the Chinese economy and markets and demonstrates the diversification benefits of adding Chinese financial assets to a global portfolio of stocks and Assets

China multi-asset investing Q&A

China's equity and bond markets have had a busy year. Where do our multi-asset team see opportunities and what is their strategy?

What is China multi-asset investing?

China multi-asset strategies invest in a mix of Chinese equities, bonds and cash assets.

China A-shares: four key factors for investors

China's A-share market is one of the largest in the world but remains underinvested by global investors. Here we identify four key features of the A-share market and explain what benefits A-shares offer to asset allocators.

How can China multi-asset strategies benefit investors?

China multi-asset funds benefit investors by combining the best of China's equity and bond markets into one allocation.

Actively-managed China multi-asset funds can benefit investors by moving flexibly as market conditions change, as well as managing exposure to onshore and offshore markets, and managing exchange rate risk to the RMB.

China's investment universe is complex

China multi-asset strategy