Sustainable themes Super Bowl ad highlights water crisis

An american beer company cans water for disaster relief

by Kelly Vasel 01 Feb 2018

The infamous Clydesdale horses will appear in advertisements on "social channels," according to a company spokeswoman.

Anheuser Busch’s Super Bowl spot shows workers at a Budweiser plant making canned water for distribution to areas hit by natural disasters. A spokeswoman for the company said the purpose of the ad is "to spotlight our employees, who together over the past 30 years have helped provide over 79 million cans of clean drinking water in response to natural disasters."

2017 was an expensive, deadly year of natural disasters with wildfires scorching dry land and hurricanes slamming communities across the country.

The World Economic Forum considers water scarcity as one of the biggest risks facing mankind. Water-related products and services are diverse, ranging from water-specific consulting to desalination membranes, but CIO analyst Alexander Stiehler says that two structural trends generally shape demand: population growth and urbanization.

Stiehler notes that “as the world's population rises, increasing strain is being placed on the planet's limited natural resources which in turn hurts social and economic prosperity. It is not just population growth per se, but how and where that growth takes place that is proving such a challenge to resource management.”

“As urbanization continues apace, particularly in Africa and Asia, ever more scarce water resources will place an increasing burden on mankind. On top of that, improving living standards and ongoing industrialization in emerging markets will heap further pressure on global water allocation,” Stiehler adds.

“A failure to manage the planet's limited water resources will have huge social and economic costs. The flip-side to this scenario is that if the world can harness its limited water resources, the benefits to mankind will be enormous and translate into a convincing investment case.”

“In light of the global scale of the water scarcity problem and the diversity of the underlying developments, we recommend investing in a well-diversified investment vehicle encompassing both industrials and utilities, thereby ensuring reasonable exposure to all key trends,” Stiehler says.

“Because of the large number of factors involved and the long term investment horizon, we advise investing in a well-diversified investment vehicle that offers global exposure to the entire water value chain.”

A perennial fan favorite on Super Bowl Sunday, the Clydesdale horses made their big game debut in 1975 and have appeared in more than 40 Super Bowl commercials. Budweiser says it owns about 170 Clydesdales that live across the country. Each weighs nearly 2,000 pounds and stands about six-feet tall at the shoulder.

Main contributor: Joe Melvin