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How companies manage sustainability

by UBS Editorial Team 04 Dec 2018

Nespresso has been criticized for its unsustainable pods. (ddp)


Rio Tinto has struck a deal to supply ethically sourced aluminum for Nespresso coffee pods. For Nespresso, which has been criticized for its unsustainable pods, the deal will help the company meet its goal of sourcing 100% sustainable aluminum by 2020.


Volkswagen has pledged to spend USD 50bn, one third of its total expenditure over the next five years, on new technologies for electric cars, autonomous driving and new mobility services. USD 34bn of this will be spent on electric vehicles as well converting two German VW sites into electric vehicle factories.


The drinking water in Minnesota was found to contain cancer linked chemicals (PFAS) manufactured by 3M’s factory. Recent studies have linked widely used PFAS to cancer and reduced immune response. As awareness spreads, 3M has been named in dozens of lawsuits for making these chemicals.


A majority of funds and ETFs that screened holdings for good corporate governance avoided Nissan's 6.5% share price drop after the shake-up at the top. A recent Bloomberg article cites that only five out of 60 US international ESG funds and ETFs hold shares of Nissan, while Sustainalytics ranked Nissan last out of 41 auto companies on governance metrics.

Pollution transparency: 

New sensor and satellite technology is improving the transparency around pollution sources, meaning that the economic and health impact of air pollution could soon be traced back to specific locations and fleets. This will allow companies to use the data to measure their own impact and take action to reduce their emissions footprint.

Big Issue magazine: 

Big Issue, the street magazine sold by the homeless, has partnered with three fund managers to create a blockchain-powered platform that offers impact funds to retail investors. The platform, the "Big Exchange," will be launched within six months and support 30–40 social and environmental impact funds.

Main contributor: Andrew Little