How are MDB bonds helping global development?

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31 Jan 2019
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The investment rationale is clear, but an example is needed to show the true impact of Multilateral Development Bank bonds on people's lives. MDBs have funded thousands of projects, bringing much needed security and progress to developing communities worldwide.

Clearing the waters – IBRD improving hydro-infrastructure in Bangladesh

The Bangladesh rural water supply and sanitation project aims to increase safe water supply and hygienic sanitation in rural areas of Bangladesh. Since its inception in 2012, the program has improved sanitation and water quality for millions of people in the region. The construction of water treatment plants, transmission, and distribution systems has transformed the lives and general health of communities across Bangladesh. Such programs have a significant impact on a large scale. Dhaka city, for example, with a population of 3.5 million, has been transformed by World Bank funded programs.

Sustainability and impact investing brings real change to so many communities, and the UBS MDB bonds ETF enables sovereign bond investors to join a growing and important movement for global change.


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