Plan for the life you want

Our job is to help you set goals and then create a plan to achieve them, whether it’s growing the family wealth or leaving a legacy. We know everyone has different priorities. For decades, we’ve helped people across the world create plans that are tailored to them.

Preparing for life’s milestones

There are bumps in the road on every journey. Good financial planning is flexible enough to adjust to the unexpected. This is why, at UBS, wealth planning is a dynamic process that adapts to whatever’s going on in your life. Nothing should stand between you and your long-term goals.


of people regard retirement as a time to do everything they have always wanted to do.*


of wealthy individuals say that their wealth managers are their primary source of social impact advice.**

Asking questions to shape your future

Once you decide to put a financial plan in place, figuring out where to start can feel overwhelming. It doesn't have to. We ask a lot of questions when we first meet you – it's how we find out what your wealth plan needs to deliver. This philosophy is at the heart of how we work with you.

Building your portfolio

Once your financial plan is in order, the next step is to organize your investment portfolio. Our investment specialists can help you build your portfolio that will aim to deliver the revenues you expect, taking only the appropriate risks fitting for you.

Invest to make it happen

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