Invest smartly

Invest smartly

Looking to benefit from rising markets?

Just like life, markets have their ups and downs. Imagine you could benefit from rising markets but reduce the risk of big losses when they fall. Now you can, with UBS Manage™ Advanced
[Systematic Allocation].

Your advantages:

  • All under control. To help ensure your portfolio is performing optimally, a rule-based system will actively allocate your assets. The system follows our in-house UBS CIO World Equity Indicator.
  • Helping protect you. UBS Manage™ Advanced [Systematic Allocation] helps prevent major losses to your portfolio's value, while making sure you participate moderately in positive equity market trends.
  • Designed around you. You can shape UBS Manage™ Advanced [Systematic Allocation] to match your goals by choosing a defensive, medium, or dynamic investment strategy.
Your advantages

You want to know more

Find out more about UBS Manage™ Advanced [Systematic Allocation] and which strategy reflects your situation, goals, and risk tolerance.


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