Your wealth management

Your wealth management

Simple and transparent – starting from EUR 100 000

Preserve and multiply assets remains challenging. Benefit from the experience and the commitment of more than 10 000 wealth management employees at UBS. They will help you to achieve your financial goals. With the online-based Wealth Management of UBS [Access], you will receive those benefits already with an investment volume of EUR 100 000.

Advice and contact

Monday to Friday,
8 a.m. to 8 p.m.

UBS ManageTM Systematic Allocation [Access]

Our dynamic wealth management approach is based on indicators. As soon as the UBS CIO World Equity Indicator sees signs of changes on the market, the risk exposure of your portfolio is adapted in alignment with your chosen investment strategy.

  • Constantly adjusted when markets are changing
  • Starting from EUR 100 000
  • Choose one out of three strategies
  • Investment classes consist of stocks, bonds, money market and alternative investments
  • Portfolio optimization based on quantitative models from the UBS Chief Investment Office
  • Base currency: EUR or USD

UBS ManageTM [Access]

With our classic wealth management approach you may choose from income, yield, balanced, growth, or equities investment strategies. This enables you to pursue a clear strategy to achieve your personal financial goals.

  • Reliable strategic approach
  • Starting from EUR 100 000
  • Choose one out of five strategies
  • Investment classes consist of stocks, bonds, money market and alternative investments 
  • Continuous optimization based on the expertise of our investment experts
  • Base currency: EUR

Is the new model a kind of robo-advisor?

No, UBS [Access] is admittedly an online-based wealth management. But in addition you receive personal advice online or by telephone:

Personal advice – online or via phone

Banking whenever and wherever you want

Assistance from our experienced advisor team

Global expertise for you

One price, everything included

You just pay a fixed fee for the portfolio managed. At the same time, you can secure a welcome bonus and receive 0.60% one time on invested assets paid out as a cash bonus, up to EUR 15 000. For example, for EUR 100 000 you will get EUR 600, for EUR 2.5m you will receive a bonus of EUR 15 000.


Find out the amount of the welcome bonus:

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Open an account

Open an account now in just three simple steps (only for individual clients).

Get in touch

Get in touch

When you call, we will answer your questions, record your details, and help you choose your investment strategy.

Sign just once

Sign just once

You will receive clear documents detailing your discussion with us. Once you've checked everything and signed, return the documents to us.

Invest and benefit

Invest and benefit

You will hear from us the moment we set up your account. Then you can transfer your assets to your account. You'll receive your welcome bonus as soon as your money is deposited

What is your investor profile?

Where do you see yourself with regards to taking investment risk? How did the experience of financial losses affect you in the past? How do you react when markets change? Together we will analyze your financial situation, identify your risk tolerance, and establish your investment objectives. This is how we develop an individual Investor profile for you, which forms the basis for our advice.

You would like to get to know our financial expertise?

Our experts analyze current market developments, profit outlooks for companies as well as macroeconomic factors. From this, they deduce our UBS CIO House View.

Digital Banking

Do your banking anytime, anywhere – securely and conveniently. Stay informed of all account and card transactions with Push messages or SMS. Get information at any time on current trends in the financial markets and our analysts’ assessments.

We answer your questions

The main difference is that with UBS [Access], you can find out about your portfolio development at any time online in UBS e-banking. In addition, you will receive personal advice and can discuss your portfolio composition semi-annually by telephone instead of in the branch. You have no opportunity to meet wealth planning or product specialists in person.

UBS [Access] comprises the overall financial expertise of UBS in two online-based solutions: The classic wealth management approach – UBS ManageTM [Access] – and the "dynamic" investment process – UBS ManageTM Systematic Allocation [Access]. The service provided by UBS [Access] is more restricted than in the branch. The price is a flat-rate fee without any additional charges. In contrast, charges apply for certain additional services in the branch model. Such additional services make sense if the amount of assets to be managed is higher (for example, from an asset value of more than two million euros).

  • With UBS [Access], you benefit from the know-how and expertise of UBS, the worldwide leading provider in wealth management. Our leading position was confirmed once again by the Wealth Management Report 2016 of Scorpio Partnership, as well as multiple awards from Euromoney as the "Best Private Bank".
  • Wealth management is our core skill. Over 10,000 investment experts work hand-in- hand to achieve your financial goals.
  • UBS has the best equity ratio among its competitors and as a result is less crisis- prone.
  • The prize-winning UBS e-banking offers excellent security.

Our expert UBS advisor team for UBS [Access] clients is available to you from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. Technical support is available to you round the clock (24 hours) by telephone.

According to the following terms, UBS Europe SE will pay for an account balance remitted during the period from January 1, 2017 to December 29, 2017 to an account at UBS Europe SE, once per client a limited financial premium amounting to 0.6% of the value of the account balance remitted, per client in total up to a maximum of 15,000 euros.

Minimum transfer and other conditions

The premium offer applies exclusively for

  • new clients who remit at least 100,000 euros and invest this minimum value within four weeks after receipt of the money in the wealth management mandate subject to charge UBS [Access];
  • existing clients who remit at least 100,000 euros and invest this minimum value within four weeks after receipt of the money in any wealth management mandate subject to fees with the exception of UBS [Access];

and in doing so select the income, yield, balanced, growth or equities investment strategies.

The value of the remitted account balance, which has been invested in the wealth management mandate, is used to calculate the financial premium. Account balances that were remitted from accounts within the same entity and from institutes that are part of UBS (e.g. UBS Switzerland AG) are excluded from calculation of the premium. The premium offer only applies if the wealth management costs are determined according to the regular price list and no other special conditions were agreed.

Due date

The premium is paid out within four weeks after the remitted account balance has been invested in a wealth management mandate subject to charge.

Minimum investment period / premium reclamation

You are entitled to the premium if you invest your new account balance for at least two years permanently in wealth management at UBS Europe SE. The premium claim remains unaffected by changes in market value. If you withdraw money from your wealth management mandate, your premium claim is reduced by 0.6% or at most by 15,000 euros of the money amount withdrawn. In such cases, UBS Europe SE will reclaim the corresponding amount of any bonuses already paid out.

Period of validity

This campaign may be terminated or modified in whole or in part by UBS Europe SE at any time and without prior notice. It is applicable for a limited period until December 29, 2017 (the reference date is the receipt of the account balance). This does not affect pre-existing premium claims. In all other respects, the general and product-related terms and conditions of UBS Europe SE shall apply.

Tax treatment

UBS Europe SE is not allowed to provide advice on tax-related matters. Please contact your tax advisor on the handling of the financial premium. The premium payment is subject to 25% flat-rate withholding tax (plus 5.5% solidarity surcharge and any church tax).

A sophisticated UBS indicator, combining a great number of financial and economic statistical data.

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