Invest wisely

Benefit from short-term trends

Just like life, markets have their ups and downs. Imagine you could benefit from rising markets but reduce the risk of big losses when they fall. With UBS ManageTM Advanced [Systematic Allocation] we offer a solution, which strives to reduce portfolio risk in rapidly falling and volatile equity markets. This
will help you to achieve your financial goals.

Key facts

Our rule-based portfolio is well suited for investors who wish to reduce their portfolio risk in volatile market situations and seek to reduce their engagement in stocks when markets are decreasing. Find out yourself and discover our dynamic wealth management.

Everything under control

To help ensure your portfolio is performing optimally, our rule-based system strictly follows the recommendations of our Chief Investment Office (CIO). This enables us to actively allocate your assets and to alter your engagement in stocks depending on the current financial market situation.

Flexible portfolio strategy

The more flexible your portfolio strategy the higher is its potential in different market situations. Our rule-based approach helps prevent major losses to your portfolio's value, while making sure you participate moderately in positive equity market trends.

Designed around you

Investing is a matter of trust. That is why we set a high value on getting to know you and your life goals in depth. This enables us to develop a portfolio strategy that fits your personal needs. Feel free to pass by at any time at one of our six locations across Germany.