Answers to the most frequently asked questions.

You will find the answers to the most frequently asked questions in connection with UBS Digital Banking in the following FAQ or in the user instructions. Our advisors would also be happy to help you.

Thousands of securities are listed in UBS e-banking. However, in the case of securities which are not traded very often, it may first be necessary for UBS to open the security in its systems.

The cost of a stock exchange order varies depending on volume, trading place and type of security. The minimum brokerage fee for a stock exchange order varies depending on volume, trading place and type of security.

All issue and redemption applications for UBS investment funds on the primary market submitted on the previous day by 4 p.m. are processed on the following bank business day (value date 3 days) at a newly calculated rate (forward pricing) in the fund's currency of account. This involves taking the market closing price of the stocks concerned and using it to calculate the new value of the investment fund. This newly calculated price is called the NAV, or net asset value, and is used for processing all issues and redemptions.

Exceptions Cut-off times:

  • UBS Index-Fund 100 Switzerland: 1.30 pm
  • UBS (Lux) Structured Sicav - Multi Manager Guaranteed 2013 (EUR): 12 p.m.
  • UBS (CH) Vitainvest: 2 p.m.
  • UBS (Lux) Structured Sicav - Rogers Int. Commodity Index® and UBS (Lux) Structured Sicav - Optimisation CHF A/B, EUR A/B: 3 p.m.

Exceptions Value date:

  • UBS (Lux) Money Market Sicav EUR and USD: 2 days
  • UBS (Lux Money Market Invest EUR A/B: 2 days
  • UBS (CH) Investment Fund - Sovereign Money Market EUR/USD K-1: 2 days
  • UBS (Lux) Equity Fund - Malaysia: 7 days

At present all the information and functions in UBS Quotes are available free of charge. You can access the comprehensive service if you have a client relationship with UBS and have a valid agreement for UBS e-banking or UBS Quotes.

The information displayed is not refreshed automatically. However, the prices are updated each time you click on a link. To update the information that is currently displayed, click on the corresponding navigation entry again.

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