Answers to the most frequently asked questions.

You will find the answers to the most frequently asked questions in connection with UBS Digital Banking in the following FAQ or in the user instructions. Our advisors would also be happy to help you.

Pending payment orders are listed under “Payments > Payments on record”.

Select “Payments > Payment > Enter payments” as usual and enter the account number in the payment assistant. Select the beneficiary – if you have already made a payment to the same beneficiary – or click on “New payment”. Enter the missing information on the payment entry screen and select the “Salary payment” (1) option for “Booking”. You must then approve the payment. The “Salary payments” function is available for all payment types except “orange payment slip” and “account transfer”.

Payments awaiting approval can be found under “Payments > Payment > Payments on record > Pending orders”, and payment files awaiting approval can be found under “Payments > Data transfer > Transmitted payment files”.

To approve payments, click on the corresponding “Approve” or “Approve file” icon (1).

This is possible in principle, but please see our below acceptance deadlines.

Use the button "Research" in the detailed view of booking in question to send a message to our research unit. For payments that have not yet been made or booked, please contact the support.

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