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When you manage your wealth the right way, it's amazing what you can achieve. With UBS, your assets are accessible and easy to regulate from almost anywhere, worldwide. You have the opportunity to achieve your personal goals and aspirations with solutions unique to you and your needs. We at UBS are right by your side, supporting and aiding you regarding private banking, investment banking and wealth and asset management. The safety of your wealth is at the heart of everything we do.

UBS Digital Banking

Stay connected with UBS: With UBS Digital Banking, you'll always know how your investments are performing. You can connect easily from everywhere, and stay up to date with the latest global market news. Securely, reliably and fast.

Cyber security is our top priority. This is why we use the highest security standards to protect our Online Services.


Looking for additional liquidity with a cost-efficient financing? Securing your assets as collateral makes this possible and offers you a flexibility in your liquidity.

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