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We work in places where children need help. With the aid of innovative approaches, we try to enable children to reach their full potential.

Children need help escaping the vicious circle of poor health and education, child abuse, and long-term poverty. To provide this help, we focus on the most suitable and effective approaches.

So we can determine what works, each project we support faces strict tests.

Find out more about our projects in Germany, focusing on health, education, child protection and emergency relief.

Building a better future

Mobile Creches for neglected children in India

The majority of low-skilled migrant workers in Indian cities are forced to abandon their young children for most of the day. Parents need to work and cannot afford to take leave or pay for care. That means there's no one to take care of their children's needs. Young children's health, education and development are neglected at this most crucial time, with devastating impacts later in life.

Mobile Crèches aims to change this situation for the better. They provide day centers to help improve children's nutrition, health, education, care and protection. These centers are staffed eight hours a day, six days a week, by professional caregivers. The Mobile Crèche program also educates groups of parents on the support and care their children need, including topics such as hygiene and cleanliness. Parents are visited by experts, who assess the families' circumstances and offer support. There also workshops to inform people about the importance of good nutrition.

Music for students – music centers

Personal development for secondary school students in Germany

Music is a key that connects people – regardless of origin or social background. Those who make music, experience that it is worth to make an effort. Learning a musical instrument or singing in a choir, making music together strengthens teamwork and social skills.

The music centers developed a three-stage-model with the goal of giving secondary school students access to classical music. During a period of three years students together with professional musicians working out a big final musical performance. The implementation takes place in five cities at the same time – Frankfurt, Hamburg, Berlin, Munich and Dusseldorf.

Emergency Relief

Humanitarian disasters and crisis around the globe

Humanitarian disasters around the globe will get more frequent, intense and cost-intensive with a large number of victims – predominantly hurting the poorest. We established an emergency response fund to guarantee quick help to save human lives, minimize human suffering and protect human dignity in and after disasters, crisis and conflicts.

Our aim is to maximize transparency by directly channeling funds to carefully selected high-impact humanitarian relief efforts with clear program goals, activities and budgets. Local expertise "on the ground" helps linking relief to rehabilitation and development.

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