The principles of the UBS Optimus Foundation

We aim to meet the highest standards in foundation governance, and demand the same from our partners and projects. Only by doing this can we guarantee the trust of everyone involved.

Our principles include:

  • conforming with the Association of German Foundations' principles of good foundation practice
  • following best practice for effectively implementing the Foundation's purpose, checks and inventories, transparency, and sustainability
  • being a member of the Association of German Foundations.

Control bodies

The Foundation Board and managers of the UBS Optimus Foundation Germany make all important decisions about acquiring and distributing funds. The branch is responsible for the Foundation's operational management. The Foundation is also overseen by the government regulators for foundations of the city of Frankfurt am Main.

Principles for selecting projects and partner organizations

We set the highest standards for selecting and supervising our projects and project partners. Before committing financially, we evaluate each project application according to strict criteria. In principle, any charitable organization or academic institution can apply for support.

Project progress checks

We take a global approach to supervising our projects. Project partners are committed to reporting regularly on developments, and our experts assess each project regularly on site.

An external, independent expert evaluates projects for their impact.

During the partnership with us, the project partner must present a plan including performance indicators and targets. This helps ensure continued financing and the project's future success when cooperation with the UBS Optimus Foundation ends.

How to donate

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