How to donate

It feels good knowing you can change a child's life for the better. And we promise your donation will do good. That's because we only finance projects that help the most in need. Even better, 100% of your donation will go to helping people, as UBS covers all the administrative and labor costs of the UBS Optimus Foundation.

Your donation will directly support the projects. We welcome every donation, large or small.

What is a donation?

A donation is a voluntary, gratuitous monetary or material disbursement for the charitable recipient's statutory purposes.

Your donation can go to any project, or a choice of portfolio: education, health, child protection, or emergency aid.

  • You can choose for your donation to go to a project from our portfolio.
  • You can choose for your donation to go to a project from our portfolio.
  • You can support a project tailor-made for you.
  • Your donations to the Foundation's basic assets can stay there permanently. The returns these assets generate will then flow into the projects.
  • You can include your support of UBS Optimus Foundation Germany in your succession arrangements.

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Our projects

Children need our help the most. We provide support in different projects.

Our principles

We want to meet the highest standards. That's why good relationships built on trust are so important to us.


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