UBS Optimus Foundation Germany

The UBS Optimus Foundation Germany was established in 2004. Our aim is to support you in promoting charitable projects.

We believe hope is priceless. Together, we can support projects that improve the living conditions of children in need, so they can grow up with hope for the future.

Our focus

To make sure our grants achieve maximum effect, we maintain partnerships with globally significant organizations. We're committed to improving the wellbeing of disadvantaged children. To do this, we focus on three areas:

  • Health
  • Education
  • Child protection
  • Emergency relief

Our approach

  • We fund exclusively innovative projects which measurably affect and sustainably improve the lives of children.
  • We document the effectiveness of innovative approaches or pilot projects by linking with academic research.
  • The main purpose of our pilot projects is to develop new problem-solving approaches. Our aim is always to measurably improve the living conditions of children.
  • Our projects are continuously monitored and evaluated.

How to donate

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UBS Optimus Foundation Germany

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