The Year of Choices - The Decade of Transformation

UBS Year Ahead 2020

As 2020 approaches, many investors are feeling anxious, with geopolitical tensions a primary source of their unease. UBS’s recent Investor Watch survey revealed that 79% of investors think we are entering a period of higher volatility, with 66% viewing markets as driven more by geopolitical events than fundamentals.

In what we call “The Year of Choices,” we offer our view on how to navigate these markets. From the US presidential election to trade negotiations and fiscal policy, political choices will increasingly shape outcomes.

The underlying forces complicating political and economic choices will only grow in importance over the longer term. In the decade to come, working-age populations in developed countries will begin to shrink, and a less favorable political backdrop could emerge for higher-income individuals. We also expect significant environmentally and technologically led innovations to disrupt existing norms in a deglobalizing world.

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UBS Year Ahead 2020

Our publication "Year Ahead 2020" gives you a compact overview of UBS's opinions on the financial markets. Drawing on our global investment and research capabilities, it aims to offer you the best, most up-to-date investment guidance.