Banking in Switzerland

Why bank in Switzerland?

Switzerland can offer you a safe home for your assets. That's good news in a changing world. Some investors appreciate Switzerland's political and economic stability. Others, its strong laws. Many more like the country's long financial history and experience managing assets.

What is important to you?

Experience and tradition

Swiss banks are very experienced managing assets in the best interests of their international clients.

Focused on service

Client advisors in Switzerland aim to provide exceptional service, and will find the right investment opportunities for you.

Tailored investments

Our client advisors will serve you from Switzerland – while knowing how to meet your needs in Germany.

Who are we?

UBS is the largest asset management company in the world. For more than 150 years, UBS in Switzerland has offered comprehensive asset management services to clients worldwide.

Why choose us?

UBS employs over 60,000 staff in 50 countries across five continents. This means we can keep an eye on global events while staying close to you. You can relax knowing our client advisors have received thorough training and, on average, have over 10 years' experience looking after German clients.

  • Local knowledge – Our client advisors are familiar with your region.
  • Present and correct – You'll receive your documents for the tax office in line with German law.
  • Strong and stable – Our client advisors in Switzerland have many years' experience in the financial industry and looking after German clients.
  • Access to specialists – To help you with your individual needs, you can access our specialists when you need to.