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Reporting Fund Status Important information for UK resident tax payers

The following information applies to UK resident tax payers and other Reporting Funds investing in a sub-fund of the Company (the “Sub-fund”).

All share classes of the Sub-funds of the Company have obtained “Reporting Fund status” for UK tax purposes. The term “Reporting Fund” is used as defined under the UK Offshore Funds (Tax) Regulations 2009.

UK tax resident investors investing in a Reporting Fund must include in their UK tax return both the actual distributions received from their investment as well as the ‘excess reportable income’ (broadly, their proportionate share of the Reporting Fund’s reported income in excess of the sums actually distributed). UK investors may be liable to income or corporation tax as appropriate on the total of these sums.

If you invest in a share class of a Sub-fund of the Company, you are required to review the periodic information contained on the UBS ETF website and include the relevant details on your UK tax return.

If you require any further information, please contact us via mail.

Further instructions for investors

The Company (as a Reporting Fund) is required to provide a report to investors who hold shares in any of its Sub-funds at the end of the relevant accounting period, including details of the excess reportable income of the relevant share class.

UK tax resident investors holding shares in a Sub-fund on the last day of the Company’s accounting period are required to obtain the ‘excess reportable income’ calculation on this website: (contained in the pdfs - see below) and include it in their UK tax return.

The report shows the dates and amounts per share class of all distributions paid during the Company’s account period. Reported income in excess of the sums actually distributed are deemed to have been received six months after the accounting year end of the Company, on the ‘Fund distribution date’, and should be included in the tax return for the relevant tax year.

Please note, the obligation to include the excess reportable income amount on a UK tax return lies with the investor and not with a nominee, distributor or advisor.


Investor acquired 1000 shares in a Sub-fund of the Company (share class ‘X’) on 1 July 2010.
Excess reportable income for the Sub-fund accounting year ended 30 June 2011 is 0.1010.

The investor should include the following amount of excess reportable income in their tax return for the tax year 2011/2012: (0.1010 x 1000 shares) = 101.0.

Any amounts actually distributed should also be included as distributions.

Excess reportable income per share class