Showcasing sustainability and impact at RI Europe

Responsible Investor’s 12th annual RI Europe conference in London on 11th-12th June 2019

04. Jun 2019

Come and visit us at RI Europe on 11th and 12th June. We're delighted to be a part of one of Europe's leading conferences devoted to sustainable investing.

2019 has seen climate change hit the headlines as the urgent need to limit global warming accelerates. To learn more about where UBS Asset Management stands on the debate, listen to our climate expert, Francis Condon, who joins plenary session two to discuss the investment detail behind the EU Action Plan. On day two, Massimiliano Castelli will take part in the plenary discussion around the role of the European central banks and the supervisory authorities. Are they stepping up on climate change and sustainability?

We are also delighted to have partnered with Responsible Investor over the past eighteen months to conduct an in-depth survey which asked asset owners around the world, ESG – Do you or Don't you? Discover the answers at RI Europe, where the final outcomes will be released in a major white paper devoted to the survey and the insights it revealed.

We hope you'll drop by our stand – we're looking forward to seeing you there.

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Francis Condon,
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Massimiliano Castelli Head of Global Strategy for UBS Asset Management's Global Sovereign Markets

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