Going mainstream: the future of ESG investing

UBS collaborated with Newsweek in their latest Vantage report, surveying the growing importance of sustainable investing. Learn how a rising tide of investors believe integrating ESG opens up new opportunities.

05. Okt. 2018

A new study conducted by Newsweek investigates the future of ESG investing. Containing in-depth interviews with major asset managers, including Michael Baldinger, Head of Sustainable and Impact Investing at UBS Asset Management, as well as contributions from Fiona Reynolds, CEO Principles for Responsible Investment, it reveals new and relevant data to support investment decision making – and for creating a more sustainable world. The results challenge long held assumptions and prejudices about the use of environmental, social and governance data in making investment decisions.

More than three out of every four respondents say they integrate ESG information in their investment process, coordinating the efforts of their investment and ESG research teams. As a result, investors will become more selective.

The study also shows that investors across the globe endorse the UN Sustainable Development Goals. For objectives that were only adopted in November 2015, it is amazing that over 60 percent of investment organizations have already developed policies for the implementation of the goals.

In the words of one of the experts interviewed: "Responsible investing is an inevitable agenda that will continue to grow."

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Insights from Global Head of Sustainable and Impact Investing Michael Baldinger