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Asia drives the world economy – and has been doing for years. And that’s something we will all have to get used to as China’s influence grows, Asia’s consumer base expands, and Asian companies extend their lead in the world of tech and innovation. But while we believe these trends will drive the future, we also believe that now is the time to bring Asia’s growth story and diversification benefits into your portfolios.

And we have a wide range of attractive strategies to help you capture Asia’s multi-faceted growth story.

UBS Asset Management in Asia

Leading in China

Voted the no. 1 foreign asset manager in China for 2020 by Broadridge1

Award-winning strategies

our China & Emerging Markets equity strategies have won many awards over the years2

Highly-rated fund managers

Three of our Asia & China fund managers made L’Agefi Indices list of the world’s 100 best fund managers3

A long history of achievements and expansion in Asia

Timeline image showing UBS Asset Management’s progress in developing its business and investment capabilities in Asia from 1988 up to 2021.

Investment products and capabilities

Our goal is to provide you with access to the best investment ideas and superior investment performance.


A range of portfolios featuring stand-out stocks in Asia’s fast-growing equity markets

Fixed income

Asia is a rich source of yield in a world of negative rates – find a fixed income strategy to suit your needs below.

Multi Asset

Bringing you the best of China’s markets in a one-stop, multi-asset solution


ETFs that track and capture Asia’s dynamic and fast-growing markets

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