Protecting and managing wealth is at the heart of what we do

The investment drought The investment drought

Ending short-terminism, and focussing on the long term.

Future Trends Future Trends

At UBS we believe knowledge is more valuable when shared. The UBS Global Thought Leadership Forum recently shared future trends in technology, medicine, education and more from some of the most prominent thinkers in the world.

Helping clients in Asia Pacific grow their wealth Helping clients in Asia Pacific grow their wealth

UBS has operated in Asia Pacific for almost 50 years and today offers its clients access to one of the world’s most important growth markets in a number of time zones.

Just as any other UBS client around the world, those based in Asia Pacific come to UBS because they value our local presence and trust our reputation for accountability and reliability. They know that these traditions have been relied upon by UBS clients for over 150 years, and remain at the heart of all that we do today.

Your goals - our solutions
Tailored solutions to meet your needs  
Your goals - our solutions
Tailored solutions to meet your needs

Whether you want to build, manage, preserve, or pass on your wealth to the next generation, UBS Wealth Management offers a vast range of solutions to help you achieve your aims.

Our structured investment process, sophisticated advisory tools, and customized investment solutions are designed to help you build your wealth.

We offer a broad array of specialized solutions that aid both private individuals and financial professionals to manage wealth effectively.

Let us help you to preserve and hand on your wealth with our tailored succession planning solutions.

Our Wealth Management Capabilities
Our Wealth Management Capabilities

Our ambition is to help you reach your financial goals

For over 150 years, our goal has been the same: to protect and grow our clients’ wealth.

Based on our market insights, know-how and resources around the world, UBS Wealth Management formulates a House View that we make available to our clients in the form of solutions and advice.

"Tailored advice"

"Views and insights"
"Investment solutions"
"Emerging market insights"

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