UBS Tax Planning: Our Services Growing your assets after tax

Working with you, we will look at your assets and show you how you can optimize your after-tax returns over the long term. We compare your current situation with your goals, wishes and needs. Our UBS tax experts are on hand to grow your returns after tax.

Our services for your tax planning

Comprehensive tax advice on

  - Investment options

  - Home financing

  - Buying or selling real estate

  - Retirement planning

  - Pension

  - Inheritances and gifts

  - Choosing a place of residence

  • Identifying tax charges early on and evaluating structuring options
  • Advice in connection with company foundations and when choosing legal forms
  • Planning and working out solutions in view of a business succession

We will be happy to show you how you can grow your assets after tax.

For further information on UBS tax planning and/or for customized advice, please contact a UBS advisor, who will be happy to put you in touch with our experts.