Family Office Summit
September 11-12, 2012
Political economy

One year on, political events remain center stage and investors are sidelined.

The political economy is forcing banks to deleverage and imposing stricter balance sheet requirements, austerity programs are creating growth headwind, policymakers are veering towards protectionism and tax increases, China's growth engine has shifted down a gear with consequences for commodity complex, and the US remains on a sub-par trajectory as the incomplete deleveraging process holds back consumers.

How should sophisticated investors navigate through these events?

Thank you for joining the Family Office Summit 2012

Thank you for joining our UBS Family Office Summit in Montreux on September 11 and 12. We are proud to have attracted one hundred fifthy family office executives to the Summit, which was held for the fifth time this year.

We are constantly striving to tailor the UBS Family Office Summit to meet your needs even better, and we thank you for the feedback which you have kindly provided. Based on suggestions from Summit participants, we plan to make the following adjustments to next year's event:

  • A slightly longer summit to allow for more in-depth discussions
  • Increased opportunities to share best practices
  • More time to network with your peer group

The 2013 UBS Family Office Summit will be held in Switzerland from September 17-18. We value your input very highly, and if you have any suggestions on what subjects could be of interest to a broader Family Office audience, please contact your client advisor.