Lawyers, notaries and fiduciary agents*

Your specific needs call for specialist, dedicated advice.

*acting as an financial intermediary

Professional advice

You are committed to providing your clients with comprehensive, expert advice. Discretion, quality and continuity are vital for the success of your business. UBS is committed to the same values.

UBS's nine specialised desks in Switzerland – your single point of entry

Your personal advisor is your sole point of contact for all of your financial affairs, whether they relate to your business and clients or to your private life. Our advisors are well-acquainted with the particular requirements of lawyers, fiduciary agents and notaries. We see ourselves as your partner and support you not only in your day-to-day financial transactions, but also draw up solutions geared to your more complex requirements. Where exceptional problems arise, your advisor can call upon the experienced specialists of a major institution.

The telephone numbers listed here will allow you to find out more about what UBS has to offer and our extensive UBS product range for lawyers, fiduciary agents and notaries authorised in Switzerland. Why not give our specialists in your region a call? They will be happy to provide you with the information you need.


Basel +41-61-288 33 31
Berne +41-31-336 33 04
Geneva +41-22-375 63 56
Lausanne +41-21-215 25 41
Lugano +41-91-801 65 56
St. Gallen +41-71-225 33 33
Sion +41-27-329 32 62
Zug +41-41-727 33 95
Zurich +41-44-237 50 00

Overview of advisory services for lawyers, fiduciary agents and notaries