Real estate evaluation Important market information for the purchase or sale

Are you looking to buy or build your own home? Do you own or are you planning to sell a property? If so, then it is worth keeping a close eye on the market. By doing so, you will develop a feel for price trends and how they vary from region to region. We can assist you by providing detailed market information.

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Find out how our experts view the market and take a look at the current real estate market:

1. Receive market information

The real estate experts at UBS analyze the market at regular intervals. We provide you with all the current trends, important background information and our own recommendations.

Information on the Swiss real estate market (annually)

UBS Real Estate Focus provides you with information on important topics related to the Swiss housing market.

Bubble Index trends (quarterly)

The UBS Swiss Real Estate Bubble Index indicates the risk of a real estate bubble forming on the Swiss housing market and includes a regional map.

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Regional Map for the assessment of a property bubble

Data on locations and municipalities (twice a year)

We offer an advisory consultation at which we use the UBS Regio Tool to provide you with a comprehensive set of data on the municipality in which your desired property is located. The tool generates information on around 2,000 Swiss municipalities and contains the following data: 

  • Tax rate, breakdown of income and assets 
  • Demographic structure and trends
  • Construction activity and investment in new properties
  • Real estate price trends
  • Reference data to compare structurally similar municipalities
Regional data set from the UBS Regio Tool

2. Valuate a property

When we calculate the value of a property, we take the following factors into account:

  • Key information relating to the property (e.g. area of plot, year of construction, condition, construction standard)
  • Quality of location (e.g. emissions, exposure to sunlight, view)
  • Surroundings (e.g. accessibility, labor market, tax rates, prices in the municipality)

We would be happy to meet with you in person to calculate an initial estimate of your property's value.

3. Discover UBS real estate market

Buy real estate

In UBS real estate market you can find an up-to-date set of listings for all ImmoScout24 and UBS properties. And who knows, perhaps your dream home could be there amongst the listings. 

Are you looking for detailed information on a specific municipality or would you like to arrange a consultation? Contact us today.

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