Sustainable Investing Responsible, sustainable investing

Sustainable investing takes into account ecological, social issues and standards of business conduct. In this way, you can have a positive impact on society without loss of earnings.

Sustainable Investing

Sustainable investing at a glance:



Positive impact on environment and society



One of the fastest growing areas of finance



The same earnings opportunities as with comparable forms of investment

Sustainable investing has a positive effect on the environment and society in a multitude of ways. We're proud to be the first wealth management firm to pro-actively offer World Bank bonds that are used to finance social and economic development in disadvantaged markets.

The World Bank's mission is to fight extreme poverty and to promote shared prosperity. This is being achieved by promoting programs such as the construction of 20,000 new learning centers in Bangladesh, which are giving 690,000 children from remote rural areas a chance at an education. The bonds have a AAA rating and are backed by numerous governments.

There are three different approaches to investing according to your values and expectations:


Controversial sectors and products are excluded from your portfolio; for example, no weapons, no tobacco products, no gambling and no nuclear energy production.

Integration of ESG criteria (Environment, Social, Governance)

If you decide to integrate ESG criteria, certain factors come into play, such as the environmental impact of air and water pollution, the composition of a company's supervisory board and societal issues such as employee rights and health and safety at work.

Impact Investing

In the case of Impact Investing, you decide in favor of individual investments that clearly have a predefined, positive social impact. For example, an impact investor can invest in bonds to finance certain societal developments (e.g. research for diabetes medication) or they can decide on carefully selected private equity investments such as small business loans in developing countries.

To help you achieve both earnings as well as sustainable change, we’ve developed some new investment options. These include a one-hundred percent sustainable multi-asset portfolio composed of sustainable investment instruments.

We've kept our traditional portfolio approach but swapped the current instruments for sustainable ones. Each instrument is chosen with the goal of actively trying to change society and the environment for the better.

Example of a 100% sustainable portfolio

Example of a 100% sustainable portfolio

shares in companies selling products and services that aim to solve a concrete ecological or social problem

shares in companies that have succeeded in overcoming a number of key ESG challenges and opportunities.

shares in companies that tackle ESG issues and realize associated opportunities better than their competitors.

bonds used to finance environmental projects.

bonds in companies that engage in ESG issues and realize associated opportunities better than their competitors.

fund managers enter into active share ownership to encourage managers to improve the company’s performance in the area of ESG.

bonds issued by the World Bank, a multi-lateral development bank.

How can I have an impact?

By investing sustainably with UBS. Bring your values and earnings into harmony.

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