Securities-backed financing The flexible way to meet your financial needs

Securities-backed financing allows you to monetize your existing assets, so you enjoy greater flexibility. You can make investments and exploit market opportunities without selling your assets; these serve to secure your financing.

Securities-backed financing

Securities-backed financing at a glance

  • Financing secured by pledging assets
  • Amount, currency and term tailored to your needs
  • Attractive terms and conditions as the financing is secured by your assets
  • Quick and easy access to capital

What you can do with securities-backed financing

Access cash: securities-backed financing gives you liquidity no need to sell your existing investments.

Grasp investment opportunities: take advantage of good opportunities with securities-backed financing you can react quickly, without having to restructure your portfolio.

Optimize returns: investing using securities-backed financing helps you optimize the income potential of your portfolio.

Increase security: with securities-backed financing you can diversify your investments and hedge currency risks.

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