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Monitoring and analyzing a range of very different markets and their participants is one of our core tasks. We’re happy to share our detailed findings with you in special publications.

UBS Investor Watch

UBS Investor Watch

This first global issue of UBS Investor Watch – the largest survey of wealthy investors in the world – explores the interplay among wealth, health and longevity. In Switzerland, over 400 wealthy investors were surveyed.

Nearly 70% of wealthy Swiss expect to live 100 years. Regardless of how long they expect to live though, health is of paramount importance to nearly everyone. In fact, most Swiss investors consider their health to be more important than their wealth. Explore all results in the publication.

Order the "UBS House View Investor's Guide"

UBS House View Investor’s Guide

Our monthly publication "UBS House View" gives you a compact overview of UBS's opinions on the financial markets. Drawing on our global investment and research capabilities, it aims to offer you the best, most up-to-date investment guidance. 

What does it take to invest successfully?

Was braucht’s um erfolgreich zu investieren

Careful analysis, a clear strategy customized to suit you and your needs, and a lot of discipline when implementing the strategy and constantly monitoring your portfolio. Be especially careful: there are common psychological investment traps. Our brochure explains these and how to avoid them.

UBS Real Estate Focus

UBS Real Estate Focus

"UBS Real Estate Focus" looks at the most important issues related to the Swiss real estate market. Several different UBS business units contribute their knowledge to the publication. 


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