Investor profiles We understand your needs

The advice we give you is based on a comprehensive understanding of your situation. To do this we establish your current financial situation, discuss your investment goals, and review your personal requirements, such as your individual risk tolerance.

We use this information to draw up your investor profile, which can be regarded as an agreement between us about the goals you want to achieve.

The benefits of an investor profile

  • Transparency: a comprehensive overview of your assets and liabilities, as well as your income and expenditure
  • Individuality: an evaluation of your personal capacity for loss
  • Commitment: a definition of goals for your portfolio based on your risk tolerance
Your investor profile

Your investor profile – what is it exactly

We record benchmark figures in writing for every portfolio, including:

  • Risk tolerance
  • Reference currency and reference market
  • Target annual returns and expected volatility
  • Investment horizon
  • Type of service, e.g. mandate or advisory solution

We use these benchmarks to design and implement your investment strategy.

Setting up your investor profile

With the help of a simple questionnaire, your client advisor will discuss all the necessary details with you.

1. Your financial situation

We aim to gain an overall picture of your financial situation. To do so, we need information that is as accurate as possible about your assets and liabilities, as well as your income and expenditure.

2. Your investment goals

To help you to realize your goals, it’s important for us to understand exactly what you want to achieve with your investments. For example, if you’re putting away money for your retirement, or planning a major purchase.

3. Your investment requirements

Your investment strategy is also determined by your personal preferences. We identify factors such as your risk tolerance – in other words, your willingness to take risks – and other important parameters for your portfolio.