Investment strategy Tailored to your needs

Everyone is different. Some people are willing and able to take more risks in order to generate higher returns, whereas others prefer investments that are safe and balanced. The choice of the best investment strategy depends on you and your situation.

How to invest successfully

What are your long-term financial goals and parameters? What returns do you expect? And, above all: what sort of risk fluctuations are you willing to take on? Based on these and other considerations, we’ll draw up an investment strategy perfectly tailored to you and your needs.

Your benefits from an investment strategy

  • An investment strategy tailored to suit you
  • Investment recommendations that take into account your entire portfolio
  • Regular monitoring of your financial goals and risk tolerance
  • If necessary: suggestions on how to adjust your investment strategy

Your risk profile and its impact on your investment strategy

More risk-averse investors tend to have a lower equity component in their portfolio and thus more moderate return expectations. By contrast, investors with a high risk tolerance will have a higher proportion of equities or high-yield corporate bonds in their portfolio, and therefore can usually expect a higher return in the long run.