Investment discipline Investing consistently and continuously for success

It takes a lot of discipline to consistently implement and monitor the investment strategy you’ve decided on. This is probably the most decisive factor for investing successfully. It involves continually expanding your portfolio and diversifying your investments across the full range of asset classes in your individual investment strategy.

How healthy is your portfolio?

Do the UBS Portfolio Health Check now.

This examines all your portfolio positions using the following seven risk criteria:

  • Expected volatility of your assets in comparison with the volatility range set for your investment strategy
  • Overshooting of investment limits within the asset allocation
  • Cluster risks for individual securities
  • Excessive weighting of a single issuer (e.g. an issuer of structured products)
  • Securities for which we have a sell recommendation
  • Bonds that fall below a specific minimum credit rating
  • Securities that are not in the UBS research universe