Investment advice Successful investing with analysis, strategy and discipline

Investing your assets correctly is a very personal matter – and often a particularly emotional one. There are three critical success factors: sober, sound analysis of risks and opportunities; a suitable investment strategy; and above all, a lot of discipline when implementing your strategy.


Systematic, sober and comprehensive analysis of the investment markets and their fundamental drivers is essential for rational and sound investment decisions. Market opportunities and risks need to be assessed objectively.


Your portfolio must follow the agreed investment strategy that’s been customized to suit you – and tailored to your needs, your situation, your financial goals, and to the risks you’re able to take.


Once a strategy has been decided on for your portfolio, with an investment focus based on market analyses, it will be consistently implemented, monitored, and adjusted in line with market events. Discipline of this kind is vital for investment success.

What does it take to invest successfully?

What does it take to invest successfully?

Careful analysis, a clear strategy customized to suit you and your needs, and a lot of discipline when implementing the strategy and constantly monitoring your portfolio. Be especially careful: there are common psychological investment traps. Our brochure explains these and how to avoid them.

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