Successful investing Good advice helps you find the best investment solution

To help you invest successfully, we want to understand every aspect of your situation and your goals. To do so, our client advisors adopt a structured approach. Using our carefully defined investment process, we offer you individual advice and investment solutions that make sense, and we make sure that your decisions are implemented in a disciplined manner.

Investment advice – the right solution for you, one step at a time

Over 900 UBS experts monitor market events all over the world. Their findings form the basis for your investment decisions. We generate your own personal investor profile and discuss our customized investment solutions with you. You choose what you want to do, and we follow your instructions as closely as possible. Then we make regular checks to make sure your portfolio is still on the right track.

Investment advice


Systematic, sober and comprehensive analysis of the investment markets and their fundamental drivers is essential for rational and sound investment decisions. Market opportunities and risks need to be assessed objectively.


Your portfolio must follow the agreed investment strategy that’s been customized to suit you – and tailored to your needs, your situation, your financial goals, and to the risks you’re able to take.


Once a strategy has been decided on for your portfolio, with an investment focus based on market analyses, it will be consistently implemented, monitored, and adjusted in line with market events. Discipline of this kind is vital for investment success.


Investment solutions – individually tailored to suit you

If you tend to have difficulty making concrete investment decisions, we’d be happy to show you our investment solutions that can be individually customized to your needs.

Delegation solutions

Delegation solutions

If you don't want to take care of anything yourself, we recommend opting for a UBS Investment Mandate or a UBS Strategy Fund. This gives you three immediate advantages: you benefit directly from our experience and discipline, you keep full control of your long-term investment strategy, and you have time now for other things.

Advisory solution

Advisory solution

With UBS Advice, you benefit from regular monitoring of your portfolio in line with your investment strategy. You receive proactive ideas and recommendations from our analysts, but still make your own decisions about every transaction.

Other investment products

Other investment products

In addition to traditional investment instruments like shares and bonds, you can choose from a wide range of additional investment instruments, Your client advisor will be happy to explain the different possibilities during a personal consultation.

Securities-backed financing

Securities-backed financing

A UBS collateral loan offers you an attractive and flexible means of acquiring liquidity tailored to your needs. By using your assets as collateral inexpensive financing is possible.

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