Why invest with us? Receive first-class, specialist support for
your international investments

Receive first-class, specialist support for your international investments

We cater exclusively to the needs of US investors who want to diversify part of their assets outside the US. Working with us offers you a safe, easy and tax-compliant way to build an international portfolio based in Zurich.

Your benefits:

  • work with a knowledgeable, European-based investment management team
  • access one of the world's best and broadest international research departments
  • choose from one of the widest selections of products available
  • trade non-US securities in local markets

Our primary products are our discretionary programs, where you delegate the management of your assets to our team of professionals. We also offer advisory and specialty programs.

We are specialists in the needs of US investors. Our portfolio managers know how to craft an international portfolio to complement an existing US strategy. Our tax department provides all necessary reporting for the IRS. Registered both with the SEC and the Swiss regulator, we are fully conversant with all relevant US regulations and restrictions pertaining to US investors investing abroad.

We are a wholly-owned subsidiary of UBS, the largest bank in Switzerland and one of the best capitalized banks in the world. UBS has been serving the needs of wealthy individuals for 150 years, and also offers top-tier global investment banking and asset management services.

We put UBS's 150 years of experience in international wealth management to work for our US clients. But we are not bound solely to UBS products and services. Under our "open architecture" approach we constantly vet products from a large number of providers globally. We only offer you those products which are suitable for you as a US investor, and which satisfy our quality and performance standards.