Benefits of an international portfolio Diversifying outside the US is a prudent option

The last few years have brought immense changes to the world economy and investment opportunities. Today, there are several good and legitimate reasons for US investors to expand their portfolios internationally.

Four dimensions of diversification for US investors  

Four dimensions of diversification for US investors

An international portfolio with direct investment in local currencies gives you a far wider range of investment opportunities than those available domestically. Internationally based investment professionals are close to these markets, and provide you a different perspective from that of your US-based adviser.

Diversifying a portion of your wealth through an international portfolio is prudent. By reducing your exposure to the US dollar, it provides currency diversification. Booking outside the US means geographical diversification as well.

For these and other reasons, setting up a second center of finance outside the US can make good sense for you and your family. With UBS-SFA, this can be done in a fully tax-compliant, straightforward and easy manner.

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