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UBS-SFA Investment Outlook UBS-SFA Investment Outlook

The latest edition of the UBS-SFA Investment Outlook presents the market expectations from our Investment Management Team and offers you clear and useful investment insights.

Take advantage of a broad international offering Take advantage of a broad international offering

Our international portfolios are designed to help you take advantage of geographical, currency and issuer diversification. At the heart of our offering you will find our mandates.


Working with us is straightforward Working with us is straightforward

Working with UBS-SFA is easy. Although your account will be outside the United States, interacting with us is hardly any different than interacting with your US financial institution.


  • Strong relationship with your adviser
  • Easy access and secure communication

UBS Swiss Financial Advisers (UBS-SFA) is an investment adviser based in Switzerland. Our sole focus is helping US investors safely and easily invest abroad.

International diversification

Take advantage of the many benefits of an international portfolio.

Discretionary mandates

Enjoy the peace of mind of professional day-to-day management of your assets.

Easy tax filing

Automatically receive all the information the IRS requires from international investors.

UBS-SFA Online

Get an up-to-date overview of your portfolio whenever you want, with secure online banking.


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