eBill Receive and pay your bills digitally

E-bill is now called eBill – everything else stays the same. With eBill, you receive your bills directly in e-banking or mobile banking. It takes only a few clicks to make the payment.

eBill in overview

Securely delivered

Securely delivered

Protected receipt of the bill in e-banking and guaranteed authenticity thanks to a digital signature.

Full control

Full control

Payment is only made once you've checked and approved the bill.

Done in a flash

Done in a flash

No tedious manual typing in of the account number, reference number, and invoice amount.

Switch to eBill

  • Free: you don’t pay any fees for eBill – either to the biller or to the bank
  • Standing approval possible: set a limit for automatic approval of eBills
  • Notification of new bills pushed by the Mobile Banking app, SMS or e-mail or in e-banking: environmentally friendly, as less paper and no postage needed

Do you already have a UBS account?

Log on to e-banking and sign up for eBill.

Don't have a UBS account yet?

Opening your banking package, including accounts, is easy with the app.

Here’s how payments work with eBill

Log in to e-banking go to "Payments" and register for the "eBill invoices" function, following the instructions.


You can easily search for billers and add them under "Payments > eBill invoices > Invoicing parties".

Add biller

Under "Payments > eBill invoices > Overview" you can find outstanding bills under the "Open" tab. You can also view received invoices and approve them easily with a few quick clicks.

Pay your bill

You can set your notification rules for when eBill invoices are received in e-banking under "Settings > Notifications > Payments". You can change these notifications any time.

Set notifications

Further information can be found at ebill.ch.

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