Gift savings account for children Save for the wishes of your grandchild or godchild

Give a child you care about a head start in life: the gift savings account lets you save over a period of years for your grandchild's or godchild's future. The child can then use those savings when he or she grows up. 

UBS Konto für Kinder

The UBS savings account for young people at a glance

  • Free account maintenance
  • Preferential interest rate
  • CHF 20 initial credit balance for newborns
  • Topsy savings box and gift card
  • Gift certificate at time account is transferred


The perfect gift for children

The gift savings account helps put a child you care about on the right financial path. The gift savings account is opened in the child's name as a savings account for young people. You can make regular payments to the account over a period of years, and you decide when and how much to pay. In addition, UBS e-banking lets you manage the gift savings account simply and conveniently.

You hold the right of disposal of the account until the child reaches the age of majority, after which it is transferred to the child. You can also choose to hand over the account at an earlier stage. We offer a gift certificate at the time the account is transferred.

The gift savings account is a worthwhile investment that parents, grandparents, godparents and relatives can give as a present. Alternatively, you can also set up an investment fund account. We would be happy to provide you with comprehensive advice so that you can decide which solution best meets your needs. Simply arrange an appointment at one of our branches.

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