UBS real estate market: find your own home here

Those looking for their own home want to be able to choose the right house or apartment from a wide choice of properties.

Personal preferences in terms of design, size and location all play an important role in this. But the potential financing options also need careful consideration.

This is why UBS is launching its new UBS real estate market on the internet. At you can quickly and easily set up your requirements profile. In just a few seconds, you will be shown a list of available properties based on your wishes and requirements. The direct link to the UBS mortgage calculator will show you how much you can afford on the basis of your current income and assets. Based on your individual selection, you will also be given the address of the closest UBS branch, which will be familiar with the regional characteristics of the area you are looking at and will be able to provide you with optimum advice face to face.

You can provide UBS with your contact details directly and, if you wish, arrange an appointment with a UBS client advisor. A comprehensive consultation can be a huge advantage during subsequent contractual negotiations.

Find your new home in your region - more quickly and easily with the new UBS real estate market.