Make traveling easier with Reka

No matter whether you take Reka money with you on your family vacation or use it to pay for your train tickets or rail pass, you have the choice. You can exchange your KeyClub points for Reka-Checks (total amount must be divisible by 10) or charge your Reka-Card one-to-one (for smaller amounts as well).

Sie können Ihre KeyClub-Punkte in Reka-Checks umwandeln (Gesamtbetrag teilbar durch 10) oder Ihre Reka-Card eins zu eins aufladen (auch kleinere Beträge).

Reka money

Reka money with KeyClub points

Redeem paper checks

Send the UBS KeyClub points registered with a stamped addressed envelope to the Reka, Neuengasse 15, 3011 Berne.

To load the Reka-Card please also fill in and enclose the following form:

Redeem electronic points

Order your Reka checks or load up your Reka Card in the KeyClub e-store