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A different kind of watchmaker

At ochs und junior, a small watchmaking company in Lucerne, things tick to a different beat. CEO Beat Weinmann guides us through his realm, which is both workshop and retail outlet in one.

“You have to be able to smell people”

The influence of intelligent computers on our day-to-day lives is growing all the time, and digitisation is changing our behaviour. But one thing remains indispensable, says Dr David Bosshart, CEO of the GDI: face-to-face contact. 

What all happens inside a minute?

National debt in the trillions, data volumes in petabytes, transport volumes in megatons – the world is developing rapidly, and so too are the measurements we use to record life on our planet. It's amazing how much can change inside a minute.

More time for school work

Many South African children have a much longer journey to school than Swiss children. That is why the UBS Optimus Foundation is providing many children from poor families with bicycles via the World Bicycle Relief organisation.