Pillar 3b custody account Invest your Pillar 3b capital

The unrestricted pension plan Pillar 3b retirement custody account is the ideal complement to your Pillar 3b retirement savings account. The long investment horizon allows you to benefit from greater earnings potential than the interest rate of a Pillar 3b retirement savings account.

How the 3b retirement custody account works

Save and invest – choose your individual strategy. Invest your savings in your 3b unrestricted retirement account in selected UBS investment funds or in UBS Vitainvest investment funds. These funds are held in the 3b retirement custody account.

How you benefit with the Pillar 3b retirement custody account

  • Free custody account maintenance
  • No issuing fee
  • Automatic investment through investment instructions
  • The investment strategy and amount can be freely chosen

Further information can be found in our UBS retirement custody account product information sheet (PDF, 117 KB).

The Pillar 3 private retirement savings allows you to add to the benefits from the Pillars 1 and 2 and compensate for any shortfalls in income. In a personal consultation session, we will provide you with comprehensive advice on your individual life situation and together find you an appropriate retirement solution.

Good to know

Automatic investment through investment instructions allows you to reduce the risk of an unfortunately timed investment. The average-cost effect increases your chances of benefiting from a lower average cost price.

Product information sheet

Further issues relating to your retirement

Count on our expertise. We will provide you with important information on additional aspects of private retirement savings. Should you still have any questions, we will be happy to clear up any details in a personal consultation.