Pillar 3b Unrestricted retirement provision - individually and available capital at any time

Unrestricted retirement provision includes a wide variety of investment forms such as the purchase of your own home, savings and funds. Select whichever vehicle is most suitable for your personal needs.

Your benefits

  • You are free to determine the contribution level, the term of the plan and the benefits you will receive
  • You are free to dispose of your assets at any time
  • Attractive preferential interest rate, depending on the product

3b unrestricted retirement account 

The 3b unrestricted retirement account is suitable for your long-term savings plans and supplements your individual pension provision. Not only can you ensure you have a comfortable retirement, but you can also fulfill desires such as financing your own home.

3b unrestricted retirement custody account 

The 3b unrestricted retirement custody account is the ideal complement to the 3b unrestricted retirement account. The long investment horizon allows you to benefit from earnings potential that is greater than the interest rate of a 3b unrestricted retirement account.

UBS Vitainvest Investment Funds

Vitainvest Investment Funds allow you to participate in the developments on the financial markets and to benefit from enhanced earning potential over the long term. The funds are suitable for the entire pension provision spectrum. The UBS Vitainvest Investment Funds offer the ideal supplement to the account solutions, especially for the long investment horizon of Pillars 2 and 3.

The Pillar 3 private retirement savings allows you to add to the benefits from Pillars 2 and 3 and compensate for any income shortfalls. In a personal consultation, we will give you comprehensive advice on your individual life situation and together find you an appropriate retirement solution.