Vested benefits custody account Create pension assets of the 2nd pillar

The Pillar 2 vested benefits custody account is the ideal complement to the vested benefits account. The long investment horizon allows you to take advantage of the UBS Vitainvest investment fund to benefit from the enhanced earnings potential.

How the vested benefits custody account works

Choose your individual investment strategy. You decide how much of your invested money you wish to invest in one or more of the eight UBS Vitainvest investment funds. These funds will be held in the vested benefits custody account.

How you benefit with the vested benefits custody account

  • Higher earnings potential in the long term compared with the vested benefits account
  • Participate in market developments
  • Free custody account maintenance
  • Fee-free purchasing and selling
  • Free choice of investment strategy and amount

Further information is available in the UBS vested benefits custody account product information sheet (PDF, 121 KB).

Benefits from the Pillar 3a restricted retirement savings account cover only part of your retirement provision. The Pillar 3b unrestricted pension plan ensures that you can also protect yourself against a wide variety of risks. We would be happy to provide you with advice in a personal consultation and together plan your individual pension solution.

Good to know

When you reach the normal AHV retirement age, unlike other Pillar 2 solutions, you are not obliged to sell your investment funds. You can transfer the holdings to your personal UBS custody account and decide for yourself when you would like to sell them.

Further issues relating to your retirement

Count on our expertise. We will provide you with important information on additional aspects of private retirement savings. Should you still have any questions, we will be happy to clear up any details in a personal consultation.