Swiss Life Champion Timeplan Life insurance for a supplementary income

Increase your financial room for maneuver after retirement with the guaranteed supplementary income offered by Swiss Life Champion Timeplan. In addition, the period-certain annuity from our exclusive partner Swiss Life offers you interesting potential returns on the capital markets.

How Swiss Life Champion Timeplan works

Swiss Life Champion Timeplan invests in UBS investment funds, which allows you to benefit from developments on the capital markets. The amount you receive is contractually guaranteed – even if the investments perform badly.
Each year, Swiss Life assesses whether the investment funds are performing well enough to allow an increase in the guaranteed payments. In the event of an increase, the payments will be guaranteed for the remainder of the contract. Any available fund assets will also be paid out to you on expiry.

Your benefits

  • Guaranteed regular income
  • Guaranteed payment of the invested sum
  • Benefit from a high degree of investment security while taking advantage of opportunities in the capital markets

Example of a supplementary income with Swiss Life Champion Timeplan

Example supplementary income with Swiss Life Champion Timeplan

Further information can be found in our Swiss Life Champion Timeplan product information sheet (PDF, 100 KB) and Underlying funds product information sheet (PDF, 27 KB). We will be pleased to provide you with a customized offer in a personal consultation. Contact us today.

Further issues relating to your retirement

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