Life insurance Optimum protection with tailored life insurance

Improve the reliability of your financial planning in all phases of your life and supplement your retirement planning with life insurance. The retirement solutions of our exclusive partner Swiss Life allow you to protect yourself against income, death and investment risks while you are working and when you retire. Additional benefits are possible tax benefits, the ability to name beneficiaries and capital protection. 

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Overview of solutions

Your needs

Your benefits

Our solutions

  • Ensuring sufficient income in the event of disability (illness and accident)
  • Protecting the family in the event of death, for instance by preventing the need to sell the family home.
  • Highly flexible, with the option to adjust and structure in line with your personal circumstances

Swiss Life Protection

  • Accumulate financial reserves
  • Ensure future amortization of mortgages
  • Guaranteed savings target plus participation in the capital market (SMI Index)
  • Option of integrated risk protection

Swiss Life Flex Save Uno/Duo

  • Maintain the standard of living to which you have become accustomed after retirement
  • Ensure that your regular capital requirements are covered for life
  • Choose between lifelong or temporary pension payments
  • Various options with pension guarantee and participation in the capital market

Swiss Life Calmo

We will hold a personal consultation, in which we will analyze and discuss your individual pension requirements and, together, prepare the optimum pension solution for you. Contact us to receive a non-binding consultation.