Estate planning Plan your estate and set out your wishes

It’s never too early to record how you wish your assets to be shared out. Do everything necessary in good time in order to create clarity for your estate.

You can decide for yourself on the inheritance of your assets, subject to the legal requirements. To ensure no questions remain, we would be glad to help you fulfill your wishes.

  1. Understand what happens to your retirement savings in the event of your death – What happens under the 3 pillars?
  2. Plan your estate – What property and inheritance legal issues do you need to watch out for?

1. Understand what happens to your retirement savings in the event of your death

The different characteristics of the three pillars of the Swiss pension system are also reflected in differences under inheritance law:

  • Pillar 1, the AHV, will not pay out any capital in the event of your death, and will only provide the legally regulated survivors' pensions.
  • Pillar 2, your pension fund, will pay out the survivors' benefits laid down in its regulations if you die before retirement. If you decide to receive a pension on retirement, the pension fund regulations will determine how much pension your spouse or common-law partner is entitled to receive on your death. If you opt for a lump-sum payment, you can dispose of your assets freely in your will subject to the regulations on compulsory shares of the estate.
  • In the case of pillar 3a, benefit payments are legally regulated. In the event of your death, your surviving spouse will receive all your retirement savings. If you do not have a spouse, your children and, depending on the circumstances, your life partner, will be entitled to the capital.
  • You can dispose of your free assets and life insurance without restriction, subject to the regulations on compulsory shares of the estate. Life insurance benefits go directly to the beneficiaries, and are not included in the estate.

2. Plan your estate

The matrimonial property regime under which a married couple lives determines which assets are included in the estate. The optimal matrimonial property regime will depend on your family circumstances, financial situation and personal goals. We would be happy to show you the pros and cons of the various options during a personal consultation.

Compulsory shares of the estate – obligatory even if against your wishes

There’s a very important point you need to consider when settling your estate: Depending on the situation, the law specifies that compulsory shares of your estate must go your spouse, children, or parents. You are free to dispose of the rest of your estate as you wish. If your last will and testament breaches the legal rights of your heirs to their compulsory shares, those who have been disadvantaged can bring legal proceedings to claim their share.

Your will – hand-written and signed

A legally valid will must be hand-written, dated and signed. If you don’t wish to draw up your own will, a publicly certified will or an inheritance agreement can be prepared by a notary. We recommend that you officially register your will or inheritance agreement. A notary can also help you appoint a legal representative to act on your behalf if you become incapable.

A personal consultation – clarity for you

The division of your estate is governed by the basic provisions of the inheritance law. If you would like to use your will to individually protect or support relatives, your life partner, or other individuals, we recommend a personal consultation.

You can find detailed information in our brochure succession – answers to questions regarding inheritance and estates.
Should you wish us to do so, we would also be happy to act as the executor of your will. Please ask for a consultation to discuss this.

Your company – continuity is the goal

Organize your company succession in good time. As part of your succession plan, you should also consider the possibility of an unforeseen handover.

A coordinated approach and the involvement of specialists are highly recommended for optimal succession planning. We would be happy to assist you.  

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