Assets in the golden years Use your capital as a source of income in your golden years

Your assets are an important financial source during your retirement years. Capital that you do not need in the near future should be used to optimize your asset structure.

You may wish to manage all or some of your assets yourself. Or you may decide to take a lifetime annuity, which can be a very attractive option, particularly in later years.

  1. Invest individually, consume individually – what do you need to consider?
  2. Take a lifelong annuity – how important is security to you?

1. Invest individually, consume individually

In the years immediately after you retire, you only require part of your assets to cover your living expenses. The rest can be invested. A withdrawal plan will help you to make targeted use of your funds. We recommend that you divide up your available financial resources with your future in mind.

Short-term needs
The first part of your assets should cover your financial needs during the years immediately after you retire. A conservative investment strategy is therefore appropriate here. Your top priorities are security and availability.

Medium-term needs
The second part of your assets should cover your living costs for a further ten years. Here, you can select an investment strategy with moderate risk.

Long-term needs
The third part of your assets is only required between 15 and 20 years after you retire. So you can choose a high-risk investment strategy for this, with the opportunity for higher returns.

Targeted use of assets in old age

Allocation of assets between short-, long- and medium-term capital consumption

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Source: UBS



2. Take a lifelong annuity

As you grow older, your need for security increases. A guaranteed lifelong annuity becomes more attractive as an alternative to an individual investment plan. The lifetime annuity is generally financed by a single premium.

You can use your assets in a variety of ways in the years after you retire. To help you develop your own forward-looking plan, we would be happy to advise you on selecting an appropriate investment product.

Do you want to make the most of your options? We will be happy to support you.

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